Dymax adds RotoSpense 360 to equipment line

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Dymax has added its RotoSpense 360 Workstation, a new adhesive application system, to its dispensing equipment line.

(Image credit: Dymax)

The RotoSpense 360’s function allows for one-handed dispensing of annular adhesive rings to the tip of cylindrical substrates, freeing up the operator. This workstation is said to improve the bonding process of plastic tubing and connectors by allowing precise adhesive placement onto component ends repeatedly, with no need to rely on an adhesive’s viscosity to flow into place. This capability is critical where the exact amount of material is required to correctly fill tubing bond joints without causing overflow, gaps, or voids and reduces scrap from failed bonds and wasted adhesive.

The unit features an integrated PLC/HMI (programmable logic controller/human-machine interface), enabling total user control of the system mechanics and part-count tracking. Dispensing valves in the workstation are controlled pneumatically and adjusted from the primary air-supply regulator. The settings menu on the HMI offers the complete operation of the valve rotational speed, dispense time delay, and door open delay. Material flow is further adjusted using the micrometre adjustment located on the top of the valve. The range of viscosities and tube sizes accommodated using the RotoSpense 360 also allows users to vary their operations as needed.

According to Dymax, integrating this system into benchtop manufacturing lines frees up operators’s hands, reduces operator variability, and greatly increases reliability so users can more carefully manage parts and focus on accuracy. Touch-free operation allows for collaboration with cobots and automated feeding. The RotoSpense 360 can accommodate a range of adhesive viscosities and tube sizes to meet the user’s operational needs.