ARaymond engineer Isabella Barrett discusses the importance of women in engineering

Development engineer Isabella Barrett discusses her role as an ARaymond engineer, her thoughts on how to further increase the number of women participating in the STEM industries, and more.

Novel cushioning system made of Vestamid soft foam for safety shoes

Safe, comfortable, and stylish: this is how BIG Arbeitsschutz believes footwear for the workplace should be. The activeBumper cushioning system with Vestamid PEBA has raised the bar for safety shoes.

Drawn together - profile of Alloy Wire International

A key supply chain link between spring and fastener manufacturers is wire drawing. This traditional process takes hot-rolled rod and reduces it to the correct size.

Materials focus on GRP

Inexpensive, light and strong, glass-reinforced plastic has become a popular material for moulded goods such as shower trays and car parts.

Chemique Adhesives guide to polyurethane adhesives

Due to their unique characteristics, polyurethane adhesives have been a popular choice in many industries, as they can be formulated to provide a range of physical properties.

ARaymond guide to adhesion and cohesion

Understanding the fundamentals of adhesives is essential in choosing the appropriate adhesive, for a specific need and for the desired results.

Earnest Machine offers advice about avoiding hexavalent chromium

The Academy Award-nominated film Erin Brockovich tells the true story of a woman who fought a utility company that was polluting the water supply of the surrounding community.

The development of the standard parts industry

Standard parts and components are as vital to engineering today as they were in the mid-20th century. The main change has been the technology enabling greater productivity.

New tricks for an old dog

Even an established joining technology can show something new. Electronic riveting guns are redeveloping this corner of metal fastening, reports Will Dalrymple

Distribution: times like these...

What used to be smooth-flowing international trade in standard parts and fasteners is now fraught with delays, uncertainty and price hikes. Four suppliers offer advice about how to keep up.

Trelleborg tackles thermoplastic-thermosetting elastomer bonding issues with multicomponent assemblies

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is an exponent of multicomponent technology, a technique that creates a single component from multiple assembled parts.

Overview of electronics enclosure hardware from FDB Panel Fittings

In the past 30 years or so, electronic devices have almost completely replaced electrical controls, and yet the type and style of housing have remained remarkably constant since.