Blind rivets in solar panel technology

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In an online post, Gesipa sheds light on the role that blind rivets play in the manufacturing and installation process of solar panels.

(Image credit: Gesipa)


In solar panel manufacturing, blind rivets are used to fasten together various layers of the panel. Whether it's securing the photovoltaic cells, attaching the frame, or connecting the mounting brackets, rivets provide the structural integrity that ensures the panel functions optimally for years to come.


The reason why rivets are suitable for solar panel assembly lies in their reliability and durability. Rivets create a permanent bond between components, ensuring they stay in place even in the harshest of conditions.

Solar panels are constantly exposed to the elements: rain, wind, hail, and even extreme temperatures. Blind rivets like the Gesipa SolarGrip provides a secure connection that can withstand these challenges without loosening over time.


When it comes to mounting solar panels onto sheet roofs or other structures, efficiency is key. Rivets offer a fast and reliable way to secure panels in place, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation.

Solar panel installers often reach for SolarGrip blind rivets to meet specific system and quality requirements, guaranteeing water tightness, long service life, and the highest economic efficiency.


A fast and precise riveting process, in addition to the splash-proof properties of the riveting points, produces a durable and secure connection. Another advantage is its hole filling capability. This means that, since the rivet body is deformed radially while the rivet is being installed, you can compensate for borehole inaccuracies, centre offset and differences in diameter, thus allowing you to create a tight connection with zero clearance. The SolarGrip blind rivet also allows you to cover a large clamping area with just one rivet. Other advantages include:

  • ETA-Approval applied for ETA-13/0255
  • Matching grip range for many solar applications
  • Ideal for working on trapezoid panel roofs
  • SolarSeal coating for 4.8 mm rivets
  • Riveting of sponge rubber or EPDM washers possible