01 May 2012
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Viscoelastic solution provides powerful adhesion and stress dissipation

Leading technical tapes specialist tesa has developed a range of adhesive tapes, which it claims guarantee optimal strength for constructive bonding on materials with different surface characteristics.

The company says it has taken the chemistry involved in tape production forward a generation.

ACXplus technology enables the tapes' chemical components to withstand the dynamic and static stresses that constructive bonds are subject to, particularly in outdoor applications. During the life cycle of a component, static and dynamic forces act upon the constructive bond. In outdoor applications there will be temperature variations to contend with and often the effects of high wind loads, water, UV light or even exposure to chemicals. Dissimilar materials also show different elongations when temperatures change, creating extreme physical stresses that need to be dissipated for the bond to be durable.

Jeremy Smith, UK marketing manager explained: "When two materials with different thermal elongations, for example aluminium on steel or deco glass on composite fibre, are bonded, ACXplus will deliver a consistent bond irrespective of the conditions in which the application is found. The special balance between elastic and viscous performance does not only secure an optimal wetting of different surfaces, it also allows absorption of dynamic forces and vibrations and stress relief in the bonded joint."

The key performance benefits in stress dissipation are available to this product up to three times its own thickness. In other words, a 0.5mm tape can compensate for expansion in bonded materials up to 1.5mm, it is claimed. Coupled with its ability to compensate for different expansion rates, the product offers both low and high temperature impact resistance.

Paul Gay


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