01 February 2010
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Thermal spot curing system on show at Hendon

Jenton International is an expert in UV curing technology, supplies UV curing lamps, large and small, UV spot curing systems, UV conveyors and custom engineering.

In addition, Jenton can supply and advise on UV measurement and UV adhesive materials.

At the Hendon Exhibition, the Jenton International will be showing a thermal spot curing system that is a viable alternative to thermal ovens that can provide the appropriate heat for just the right amount of time to thermally cure adhesives. Richard Little, managing director of the company explained: "The iCure system is ideally suited for complex devices where localised curing must be achieved without heating adjacent components."

Jenton International was recently appointed UK distributor for the IRPhotonics iCure AS200 Thermal spot curing system, which uses infrared light to generate heat, the iCure thermal spot curing system is tailor-made for automated manufacturing processes requiring rapid adhesive curing and localised heating of bonded assemblies.

The system features inline fibre optics that provide heat by Infrared radiation, delivering pinpoint control for temperature sensitive substrates and complex devices. The system has a 200 W lamp with up to 90 W/cm2 and can decrease thermal epoxy curing times to seconds rather than tens of minutes. Batch processes can be fully automated by attaching the flexible light guide to a robotic arm.

Come and meet Jenton International at the Fastening & Assembly Solutions Exhibition, 11th March 2010, at the RAF Museum Hendon.

Paul Gay


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