01 October 2021
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Southco Monitor Arms From Zygology Improve Reliability, Ergonomics & User Experience In Medical Industry

In an industry where equipment reliability can be a matter of life or death, Southco’s selection of display monitor arms deliver enhanced operational efficiency and increased user experience throughout the medical industry.

An example of improving medical equipment ergonomics with intuitive positioning technology is Southco’s display monitor arms and mounts in the development of workstations with efficient platform design, including flexible arm technology to support a viewing monitor.

Increased Demand For Flexible Display Mounting In Medical Equipment & Workstations

Advances in medical technology have dramatically increased the demand for flexible display mounting in medical equipment applications.

Medical equipment such as endoscopy machines for example are often mounted to a mobile workstation to increase usability and ensure they are easier to move from room to room with an ergonomic and efficient platform design, including a flexible arm to support the viewing monitor.

Crucial Reliability, Increased Ergonomics & Improved User Experience

Southco’s Positioning Technology features integrated constant torque, providing the exact operating effort required to position displays. Engineers can define the desired user effort and know that it will be maintained over the life of the product.

Southco's AV series of display mounting solutions offer the following benefits in medical equipment design:

  • It supports the display screen when it must remain stationary, yet allows it to move easily during repositioning.
  • Withstands vibration and bumping that may result during operation and transportation whilst preventing drift.
  • It can be moved in multiple directions and angles, allowing displays to be easily pulled toward or pushed away from the operator as needed.
  • Reliable, repeatable cycle life to eliminate the need for service or adjustment during operation.
  • It provides a wide range of monitor movement and makes it virtually weightless in terms of its motion.
  • Market-leading counterbalance mechanism counteracts the gravitational pull against the monitor, allowing fingertip movement of even the heaviest monitors.
  • Advanced positioning control technology enables users to move and position the monitor without the need for clamps to lock it into position, saving time and effort and making the arms surface easier to clean.
  • Zero drift functionality ensures monitors are securely placed after one movement.

Specialist Consultancy To Provide The Best Assembly Solutions

Discussing the use of Southco’s AV mounting solution series for workstations in the medical industry, Zygology Sales Director, Richard Avery said, “When we work with clients in the medical industry, we understand there is no margin for error. Our consultation process ensures we fully understand the design situation, the environment that the equipment will be used, and the application's requirements to provide the best assembly solution.

“When utilised in medical equipment, the efficiency and reliability of Southco’s monitor arms and mounts is crucial. They can provide effortless tilt and swivel monitor movement, and height adjustment with zero drift functionality resulting in enhanced user experience and operational efficiency.

“Most importantly, utilising the AV mounting series in medical workstations ensures there is no compromise to the efficiency or quality of the procedure.”

Full technical details and specifications can be found here: Southco AV Monitor Arms at Zygology.

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