25 November 2020
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Self-adhesive gaskets certified for hygiene applications

​EMKA Gasket Sealing Profiles for enclosures and other purposes are available in many thicknesses and widths of self-adhesive closed cell EPDM or Chloroprene rubber (CR) backed with non-stretch self-adhesive tape. EMKA are pleased that now, as part of their ongoing development program, their self-adhesive gaskets have recently received certification to hygiene standard VDI 6022.

These sections also suit specialist vehicles and electrical/electronic cabinets, as well as street furniture with standard stock dimensions available from 30mm width to 80mm and from 5mm depth to 40mm in coils or strips dependent on thickness.

For custom applications then punched flat form gaskets may be offered to specific drawing shapes suitable for wider applications in hygiene related areas, also for motor vehicles, railway carriages, and off-road trucks and machines such as agricultural equipment and fire trucks, coaches and motor homes. EMKA offer a bespoke custom design service – where there is a requirement for a really different profile then the EMKA team are delighted to design, develop and produce to suit specific needs.

Paul Fanning

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