01 July 2008
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Screws for electronic, electrical, and chemical applications

Listed by Rino Industries as being among "ideal applications" for its new range of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) screws are uses in the electronic/electric field, transformers, and computer machinery.

Also detailed are chemical-resistant environments such as flat panel display and semiconductor production equipment and devices, printed circuit board etching devices, metal plating equipment, and chemical plants.

PEEK is described as a "super-engineering thermoplastic material that has special physical and chemical characteristics".

The company is offering several different types of fasteners - cross recessed pan and flat head screws, hexagon bolts, socket head cap screws, hexagon socket set screws, hexagon nuts, washers, spacer nuts, and socket head taper screw plugs.

The material has many advantages, says Rino's Amanda Laughton. "These include excellent resistance to most chemicals except concentrated sulphuric acid; excellent thermal resistance and water resistance which also help to maintain high heat resistance strength. Resistance to abrasion, shock, and fatigue are other benefits, as well as radiation and electrical properties. PEEK is heat resistant to temperatures of 180ÂșC which makes it usable in hot water and chemical pumps."

Paul Gay


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