01 November 2021
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Removable Double-sided Foam Tapes from tesa®

tesa® offers two removable foam tapes, the multi-use residue-free removable double-sided foam tape, tesa® 65605 and the single use residue-free removable tesa® 65610. Removable tapes are the ideal solution for temporary, residue-free bonding without causing damage to the surface.

tesa® 65605 is a double sided PE foam tape with a permanent adhesive on the open side and a removable adhesive on the covered side. The special formulation of the adhesive makes residue free removal possible on multiple surfaces, including steel, aluminum, glass, and PVC. The tape can be re-used up to 5 times, optimising processing and performance in a range of applications.

tesa® 65605 expands upon the first tesa PE foam removable tape, tesa® 65610, which was launched as a versatile, single-use adhesive tape providing high initial and ultimate bonding power even on critical substrates, with excellent conformability that evens out imperfections.

Whereas tesa® 65610 uses the same tackified acrylic on both open and covered sides, tesa® 65605 uses a different pure acrylic adhesive on the covered side. This ensures low ultimate peel adhesion and removability for multi-use on non-delaminating surfaces.

For applications such as the mounting of shelf edge ticket strips for retailers or refrigerator LED lighting, temporary signage in POS or decorative elements in furniture applications, tesa® 65610 remains the tape of choice to remove bonded parts from non-delaminating surfaces without leaving behind unsightly foam residue, even after extended periods of time.

tesa® 65605 is particularly of interest to those looking to optimise their manufacturing processes. Since signs and visual boards are often magnetically fastened, their use is limited to metal surfaces. However, with tesa® 65605 Removable, these items can be mounted and demounted to and from a wide variety of surfaces, giving ultimate freedom and flexibility.

The removable range of tesa’s double-sided foam tapes saves customers time and money, disposing of the need to remove visible foam residue left by conventional foam tapes and also compensates for irregular surfaces, enabling high bonding power even on rough surfaces and an excellent shock absorption.

Tesa (UK) Ltd

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Tesa (UK) Ltd

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