01 August 2008
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Presenter system for blind rivets

Nasco Industries, based in the United States, claims to have solved the problem for companies having to choose between blind riveting systems that offer automatic feeding, but are very expensive, and presenters that are cheaper but have "negative issues".

Ed Brenner, Nasco, reports that the company's new system is "intended to fill the niche between the presently available presenters and strip-fed riveters, both of which cost below $5000, and the completely automatic feeders and drivers which sell for at least $15,000 and are physically very large".

Unique Design Systemation represents Nasco in the United Kingdom and Barry Bowen, partner, told FAST that Nasco has supplied companies and monitored the results "before letting the system loose outside of the US". The approach taken by Nasco is to provide a presenter that is as fast as the fully automatic systems and provides a more suitable ergonomic solution compared to other rivet presenters. "It delivers the rivet at the tool so that the operator never leaves the work-piece but can quickly insert the rivet into the nose-piece. Previously, the down side of such systems was that an operator had to keep moving the tool back to the presenter in order to collect the next rivet.

"With the Nasco system a new rivet is presented automatically at the tool every time a rivet is set, without a separate action by the operator. All standard-size blind rivets can be accommodated up to ΒΌ inch." Right-angle and in-line rivet tools can be specified.

Paul Gay


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