01 December 2009
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Outdoor swinghandles are security tested

Dirak has introduced an electro-mechanical swinghandle, which is designed for applications where security is a concern especially in cabinets that are exposed to weather elements and accessible to the general public.

To open the 2-102EL swinghandle, there must be a power supply or the profile cylinder must be mechanically activated. The power supply is provided with authorisation on an existing management system. An LED indicates when the handle is ready to be opened.

The handle can be opened within 20 seconds and the locked/unlocked status appears in the LED.A tight gap between the handle and the dish prevents the insertion of any tools to pry the swinghandle open and a reinforced edge surrounding the swinghandle adds protection against any attempts to pry the handle open. An additional latch bolt protects the handle from being tampered with and forcibly opened.

The swinghandle complies with the European DIN V ENV 1630 Class II standard security test, which describes the resistance level of doors and windows against burglar attempts using class WK2 tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and wedges.

Paul Gay


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