06 November 2017
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Lohmann conquers the textile industry

To date, sewing has dominated the textile world as a joining process. Each needle stitch however damages the mechanical properties of the material; the permeability and elasticity are altered. Therefore, new bonding partners are required in order to successfully bond these high-tech materials. This is where the latently reactive adhesive systems from Lohmann come into play. The polyurethane bonding films, so-called Superior Bonding Films (DuploTEC® SBF), not only meet the high safety and environmental demands of modern industry, but also offer the user enormous freedom of design - even for the bonding of very small surfaces.

The "Topaz" technology is particularly suitable for textile applications. Behind this technology lie adhesive films that already crosslink at low temperatures and short cycle times and are therefore particularly suitable for rapid bonding. "Topaz" products are already activated from 70°C upwards and can therefore provide reliable and lasting bonds. By means of the reactive crosslinking mechanism it is also possible to achieve temperature and aging-resistant bonds for large and small surfaces.

However, innovative products alone are not the solution to the requirements of the textile industry. It requires partners who master and accompany the complex process from the initial idea to the integration into the customer's production process. Lohmann calls this holistic approach the "Smart Bonding Approach". Lohmann adhesive tapes are therefore not only available on rolls or sheets, but also as high-precision die-cuts.

In March 2017, the first Open Innovation Workshop on the subject of technical textiles took place at Lohmann. Here, participants were offered a platform to exchange ideas and technologies and to generate projects. The resulting conceptual proposals were successfully presented during various trade fairs throughout the year – the next one coming up in Stuttgart, Germany, at the end of November.


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