01 June 2011
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Light-curable adhesive has built-in indicator

Intertronics has introduced an adhesive featuring a built-in cure indicator for appliance assembly and other industrial plastic-bonding applications.

The DYMAX 3225-T-SC is a versatile, plastic-bonding adhesive formulated with See-Cure technology designed for rapid bonding, laminating and sealing of most plastics and aluminium. It can also be used in many applications for bonding glass, stainless steel and brass substrates in combination with plastic substrates.

Intertronics managing director Peter Swanson explained: "3225-T-SC is coloured bright blue in the uncured state. This provides high visibility which enables automated vision systems to confirm adhesive placement prior to the cure – then during the curing process the blue colour of the adhesive transitions to clear and provides an obvious, visual confirmation that a full cure has been achieved. 3225-T-SC is designed to cure tack free and clear in appearance after exposure to broad-spectrum curing equipment.

"This is yet another example where adhesives can offer significant advantages over mechanical fasteners in assembly processes – performing functions that simply could not cost effectively be achieved any other way," he added.

Paul Gay

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