18 February 2021
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Fisnar launches general-purpose digital dispense controller

Fisnar, manufacturer of precision fluid dispensing equipment, has launched its DC50 digital dispense controller.

Following the DC100 and DC200 dispense controllers, the DC50 has been designed specifically to suit more simple and general-purpose dispense applications.

The low-cost controller is said to be easy to set-up and is sold with a foot pedal switch and syringe stand included. Its programming enables a dispense cycle to be created and automatically displayed within minutes, says Fisnar

The DC50’s dispense operation can be controlled by a foot pedal while in manual mode, or at a pre-set time using timed mode. The controller also boasts a digital timer display as well as an analogue pressure gauge.

Additionally, the dispense controller can dispense both low- and high-viscosity fluids thanks to an adjustable 0-100psi pressure regulator and vacuum suckback control valve. This valve also prevents material waste as it stops fluid from dripping from the dispense tip when not in use.

The DC50 has been manufactured with a durable aluminium housing and industry-standard pneumatic system components. Furthermore, an internal 24V DC electrical circuit ensures compliance to the latest CE machinery safety standards.


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