26 October 2014
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Fir Tree Buttons

Looking for a fastening solution that's low cost and simple to install?
Often used for securing panels, components and sheet materials, Fir Tree Buttons offer a high degree of tolerance compensation and versatility.
JET PRESS stocks Fir Tree Buttons in a wide range of sizes and colours, to suit a variety of materials and applications.

Fir Tree Buttons are commonly used as a standard fastening method for securing panels, components and sheet materials. Fins on the shaft contract as the button is pushed into a panel hole, then expand out to grip and form a secure fastening.

The simple but effective fastener works with a wide variety of panel and substrate materials from steel and wood, to fabrics, composites and plastics. Panel holes can be drilled, punched or threaded, which means Fir Tree Buttons can be incorporated into a project without major design headaches. The ease of fitting reduces assembly times and cost.
Originally designed to secure fascia panels and trims in the automotive sector, Fir Tree Buttons are used in applications as diverse as external insulation cladding in the construction industry, securing upholstered panels on sofas and even protective matting for pipe and cable laying on the sea-bed.

Fir Tree Buttons are becoming more popular due to being cost-effective with no compromise in the fit and function. With millions of stocked parts in a wide range of sizes, JET PRESS has a broad off-the-shelf range for immediate delivery. For bespoke applications, JET PRESS can produce parts to meet your specification. Full product details and samples are available at www.jetpress.com.


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