26 July 2019
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Added Choices for Zygology Customers with New Compact Electronic Slide Bolts from Southco

Available now at Zygology, Southco’s new EM-05-4 and EM-05-05 Series Mini Electronic Slide Bolts further extend the successful Electronic Slide Bolt range with new and even more compact designs that integrate an electronic lock with a position sensing & door sensing latch bolt, allowing for simple monitoring of door & latch status with added security & simplifies the upgrade from mechanical to electromechanical latching.

By implementing Southco’s tried and tested gear motor technology the new EM-05 slide bolts feature high-energy efficiency and require no power draw to maintain either fully open or locked positions, and provide a reliable alternative to the traditional, but inefficient solenoid solutions

The EM-05-04 Electronic Slide Bolt series is highly versatile & provides a simplified solution to enable electronically controlled access for the control & monitoring of drawers, doors, cabinets & equipment access panels ranging from mobile pharmaceutical dispensing tablet trollies to retail cabinets and cash drawers. Sensors allow both the latch and drawer positions to be independently monitored for extra security.

At only 60x45x17mm it’s lightweight & compact size can be easily accommodated in even more challenging applications.

Utilising the increasingly popular 5 volt DC supply at no more than 400mA the power requirements match the common power supply capabilities of current designs. The EM-05-4 also offers a 100,000 cycle life and a maximum electromechanical working load of 60N.

In an even smaller package at 45x35x12.5mm the EM-05-05 offers similar performance to its slightly larger twin. Also designed for 5 volts DC this version as a maximum electro mechanical working load of 29.9N. The EM-05-05 also offers up to 4 different latching bolt orientations.

The installation & operation simplicity makes either the EM-05 or 044 Series offer a highly efficient and easily integrated choice for Zygology customers.

Southco EM-05 Series Electronic Slide Bolt Features & Benefits:

  • Compatible with a variety of door-mounted mechanical latches
  • Accepts signals from a variety of access control devices
  • Intuitive push-to-close operation
  • Hidden access for increased security & enhanced industrial design
  • Simple, quick installation & easy retrofit with existing designs
  • Mechanical override available for use during power failure
  • Door or frame mounting

Applications include:

  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial applications
  • Appliances
  • Enclosures
  • Retail
  • Self-service point of sale
  • Signs, exhibits & displays

Southco’s General Manager Steve Spatig said, “The new EM-05-4 and -5 Series Slide Bolts offer a simple, cost-effective upgrade to electromechanical access control that offers more energy efficiency & reliability than traditional solenoid solutions. With integrated latch bolt position sensing & door sensing, the 4 Series allows simple monitoring of door & latch status for added security.”

Richard Avery, Zygology’s Sales Director added, “The simplicity & cost-effectiveness of the EM-05 4 Series Slide Bolt will benefit Zygology customers & the increased security is ideal for our clients in a wide range of industries.”

If you’d like to find out more & discover how the new EM-05 4 Series Slide Bolt can provide simple, cost-effective operation of door &with added security, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today on 0808 123 1221 or email sales@zygology.com.

Tech specs for the EM-05-4 and EM-05-5 Slide bolts can be found here

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With 40 years’ of experience Zygology is the country's main distributor for Penn Engineering and the largest distributor for Southco and POP Avdel in the UK. We are also the UK distribution hub for MasterFix fasteners and tooling. Zygology has also recently been appointed as an official distributor for Tesa assembly adhesive tapes. We have in-house repair facilities for POP Avdel and MasterFix tools. Zygology Ltd has an in depth knowledge of the products we sell and how they can be best incorporated into yours. We will always give the best advice we can - even if this sometimes means that we end up recommending a competing technology. We combine friendly service with competitive prices and excellent stock availability.

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