21 July 2021
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Webinar announced on Lamilux epoxy composite tank cladding

Product manager Sascha Oswald will report on GRP solutions for the tank container industry in a webinar scheduled for 10 August 2021. Free registration is available via the link below.

Tank containers last for decades. During this time, they transport gases, oils, milk and other liquids - and an image. Its exterior shell is the operator’s business card. Cladding the container with Lamilux X-treme glass-fibre reinforced plastic permanently protects the representative shell from UV, weather and mechanical effects.

Lamilux X-treme is a fibre-reinforced composite material with up to 70% reinforcement fibres by weight in a highly-elastic epoxy resin matrix.

Lamilux X-treme and Lamilux X-treme Carbon are said to absorb load and tension forces on sandwich panels. When used as sandwich facing sheets, the carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer is said to be up to 50% lighter with a tensile strength three or four times greater than steel or aluminium.

In addition, the low thermal expansion in this composite material ensures that large structural components can be produced without bubbles or distortions emerging in the long term. The low thermal conductivity in products and the consequent optimised insulation in cooling transport containers support the material's use in refrigerated trucks.

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