23 June 2021
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Webinar announced: are you missing out on the benefits of structural bonding?

Henkel has scheduled a webinar to explore how Loctite structural adhesives can open up limitless possibilities in product design. Broadcast at 10:00 hrs BST on Wednesday 30 June 2021, the event will be hosted by Henkel’s senior technology specialists, Bob Goss and Dr. Julie Joseph.

“Fact: the quality and performance of a system or product can be substantially improved by the inclusion of structural bonding in its design, either as an alternative to traditional methods or to complement them. The technology eliminates stress considerations, saves weight, reduces corrosion risk and allows both similar and dissimilar materials to be joined,” says Henkel.

“The range of applications for structural adhesives is huge, from bonding single-use medical devices to the assembly of heavy-duty equipment. Selecting the right bonding solution for each construction is essential, so the webinar will cover various adhesive technologies and essential factors, such as joint design, that must be considered to achieve the best results.”

Various application examples will demonstrate the benefits of structural bonding in practice and delegates will also be invited to take advantage of Henkel’s free consultancy service to improve product design.

To register for the event, click the link below.

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