15 January 2015
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Floating self-clinching nuts from PEM have been designed for stainless steel assemblies and enable easier mating-hole alignment to promote design flexibility in relaxed tolerance applications.

These PennEngineering fasteners can be specified either with non-locking or self-locking threads and will permit up to 0.38mm minimum float in all directions from centre. Their design further imparts added strength and support in an assembly by permitting fastener threads to extend fully into their retainer shank, the company claims.

The family of fasteners includes non-locking Type A4 nuts with free running load-bearing threads and self-locking Type LA4 nuts, which feature prevailing torque locking threads. They will install and perform reliably in stainless sheets as thin as 0.97mm and greater with hardness of HRB 88 or less on the Rockwell B scale. Available thread sizes for both types range from M3 to M5 with Imperial equivalents.

The nuts install easily and quickly by squeezing them into properly sized holes using a press or other standard equipment to develop sufficient force. The fasteners then clinch permanently into place with the side opposite the fastener remaining flush. Ultimately, they become an integral part of a stainless assembly, provide re-usable load-bearing threads to accept mating hardware, and exhibit high torque-out and push-out resistances in service.

Paul Gay

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