15 September 2021
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Permanent press pin from Spirol

Spirol has expanded its solid pin product line to include the new Series BP100 Press-N-Lok pin. This product was designed to permanently retain two plastic components to each other. The pin has opposing raised barbs on each end that are angled backwards opposite the direction of insertion. As the pin is inserted, the plastic backfills into the area around the barbs, resulting in maximum resistance to axial force to provide a secure, tamper resistant assembly.

The Press-N-Lok Pin is manufactured from lightweight, lead free, corrosion-resistant aluminium. One major advantage is that assembly time is quicker and it requires lower assembly equipment costs as compared to screws and adhesives.

Spirol offers a comprehensive line of solid pins to accommodate different application requirements. Standard solid pins include: DP100 Straight Pins, FH100 Headed Straight Pins, KP200 Straight Knurled Pins, FH200 Headed Straight Knurled Pins, KP300 Helical Knurled Pins, FH300 Headed Helical Knurled Pins, BP100 Press-N-Lok Pins, FH400 Headed Barbed Pins, LP500 Latch Pins for Plastics and FH600 Twist-Lok Pins.

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