08 June 2021
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Paztir employs Southco locking solutions

Dutch firm PAZTIR, founded in 2017, provides a competitive solution that can transform any cargo bike or light electric vehicle into an enhanced, smart delivery vehicle, ideal to support the growth in city-based logistics.

In an industry where delivery boxes are opened and closed an average of 300 times per day, Paztir’s smart access solutions save up to 50 minutes a day for one vehicle.

A critical success factor for urban delivery vehicles, where delivery system security and speed of access are paramount, is the cargo box itself, which secures a wide range of products. To realise enhanced security and connectivity for their box solutions, Paztir needed to identify a locking product that would connect seamlessly with the system device, while being lightweight so as not to weigh down the bikes. There were additional challenges around speed and terrain, as the vehicles Paztir equips are driven very fast or from road to pavement. The locking mechanism needed to be able to withstand constant movement and vibration and avoid the locks popping open by themselves.

Now, Paztir’s customers can connect up to six locks to a single Paztir device and can select the right fit from Southco’s range of locking solutions for integration into the box container.

Paztir’s system uses either the Southco R4-EM or EM-05, depending on end design requirements. The R4-EM, for example, features a microprocessor-controlled gear motor with low power requirements and delivers electronic access control in a compact, lightweight package. Because it provides easy push-to-close operation and simple installation, the R4-EM is ideal for transitioning from mechanical to electronic access, Southco says. The lock features an optional micro switch to provide feedback on latch status and multiple mounting configurations. It can also be fitted with an optional sensor to identify when doors are open or closed, and has a manual override which can be used as backup for opening.

Paztir is currently fitting 2000 systems across Europe, the UK and the US.

Andrej Sobotkiewicz, Paztir CEO, said: “The team at Southco is very supportive and informative. It was important to have their insight and advice. They were able to share samples and allow us to start testing as soon as possible.”

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