23 March 2021
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Optimas Solutions extends licenced fastener product ranges with larger sizes

Industrial manufacturer Optimas Solutions has added larger-diameter (M12-M18) fastener production of the MATHread and Taptite 2000 licensed products.

The larger M12-M18 MAThread and Taptite 2000 diameters enhance Optimas’ licensed products manufacturing capabilities. MAThread is a proprietary thread design that aims to be self-correcting to prevent thread damage or seizing. Taptite 2000 fasteners feature a thread profile that is said to require less torque to fasten and thread-form, as well as offering superior vibration resistance.

These enhanced, larger diameter capabilities complement existing smaller diameter offerings.

“We’ve been manufacturing licensed fasteners for smaller diameters for a number of years,” said Marc Strandquist, CEO of Optimas.“Now with technological upgrades made at our Droitwich, UK and Wood Dale, Ilinois manufacturing facilities, we can produce larger diameters of licensed products to make us more competitive in a variety of industries that require larger fasteners, such as automotive, heavy duty trucks, construction machinery, and agricultural equipment.”

By adding these larger diameter capabilities, Optimas is able to build on partnerships with reputable OEM brands wanting to onshore more manufacturing with licenses especially beneficial to industrial applications.

“We continue to improve our manufacturing capabilities by working with high-quality, well-respected fastener licensers, such as MATHread, Phillips, and Taptite,” said Strandquist.

Optimas offers cold-forming manufacturing for a variety of fasteners at its Wood Dale, IL and Droitwich, UK facilities, including self-threading designs for metals and a roll-forming design for plastics. Other licenced ranges produced by Optimas Solutions include Mortorq, Phillips Square-Driv and Remform.


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