25 March 2021
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Optimas launches contactless managed inventory service

Optimas OE Solutions, a manufacturer and distributor of precision-made fasteners and supply chain solutions, has introduced a new contactless managed inventory system.

The ongoing global pandemic has given rise to an increased focus on safety within the workplace and renewed efforts, industry-wide, to seek out new and improved methods of productivity.

The contactless replenishment system, available now from Optimas, and part of the company’s range of manufacturing solutions, meets this demand by offering customers a new way to keep staff safe from challenges posed by COVID-19, while reducing the time and cost required to reorder components.

Using a delivered and installed rack and bin system, coupled with a hand-held scanner, staff can simply scan a barcode to consolidate and reorder the parts required. This technology also ensures there is no requirement for dedicated on-site staffing and eliminating the need for direct contact with the shelved items.

Additionally, Optimas can provide all the necessary staff training virtually, covering all aspects of the replenishment process, and best practices.

With many of the company’s fasteners manufactured in the UK, bolstered by an increased onshore stockholding, Optimas have taken the necessary steps to mitigate importation delays and offset tariff uncertainty as a result of Brexit. This continuity of supply safeguards customers from unexpected lead times, additional costs, and ensures stock is delivered on time, every time.

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