09 August 2021
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Optimas invests in technology for agile prototyping

Optimas OE Solutions has invested in industrial stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing equipment to complement the company’s existing prototyping capabilities for metal fasteners.

As industry struggles with the raw material shortages that continue to cause delays worldwide, manufacturers are finding themselves compelled to look for solutions to enable them to meet development deadlines — none more so than the fast-moving EV market, where the production of electric cars and associated infrastructure increases at pace, Optimas says.

However, for any company in any sector, the design stage of a new product often requires the most investment and it’s through this costly process that even the most carefully planned products are sometimes unable to reach the market, it adds.

Optimas has bolstered its range of manufacturing methods with new advanced, industrial 3D capabilities, enabling more agile prototyping for customers.

3D printers can substantially speed up the R&D phase of a product and represent a more cost-effective way to develop and fully test before moving to final design stages. Such are the time savings that can be leveraged through 3D printing that Optimas is now able to produce high-quality samples within just a few hours, which in turn could play a pivotal role in reducing the time to market.

The process is said to have the advantage of no requirement for costly MOQs, significantly lower material costs and no requirement for special tooling associated with more conventional methods of production.

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