01 May 2011
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Made in the West Midlands, seen in Yeovil

UK OEMs keen enjoy the advantages of local sourcing should visit the Savigny Oddie stand at the forthcoming FAST Exhibition on 12th May.

On show will be a wide range of ¼ turn quick release fasteners made in steel with various finishes, or stainless steel. Spring return versions that slam shut without the need of a tool are also available. Push-pull fasteners will also be highlighted on the company's stand at the show, including steel studs and spring steel clips offering different grip lengths and release forces.

In addition, other key exhibits will include aluminium handles, hexagon spacers, wire handles, carrying handles and a wide range of other products that are all made in the West Midlands.

Meet Savigny Oddie at the FAST Exhibition SOUTHWEST, May 12th 2011, Haynes Motor Museum near Yeovil.

Paul Gay

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