01 September 2011
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Light curing adhesives opens up new design possibilities for mounting components

Developments in fastener technology coupled with new light curing adhesives that cure in less than five seconds have combined to create new design and assembly options for plastics components while enhancing quality and reducing manufacturing costs.

International fastening and assembly specialist Bollhoff and industrial adhesives manufacturer Delo have joined forces to introduce Onsert - an innovative fastening system that enables the bonding of fasteners in seconds to a wide range of substrates. The system can be used on most thermoplastics, CRFP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic), SMC (sheet moulding compounds) GMT (glass mat thermoplastics), glass, lacquered or electroplated surfaces, metals, stainless steel and aluminium. As no heat is involved in the light curing process there is no risk of discolouration or deterioration of mechanical properties in the substrate.

The technology is expected to deliver significant benefits to manufacturers in the automotive and electronic industries where it will replace moulded inserts as well as traditional mechanical and heat based fastening methods.

Meet Bollhoff Fastenings at the FAST Exhibition, 20th October 2011, National Motorcycle Museum Birmingham

Paul Gay

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