12 January 2022
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Intertronics supplies new autoclave-resistant adhesive

Adhesives supplier Intertronics now offers Dymax MD 1040-M, a new autoclave-resistant medical device adhesive, coating, and encapsulant.

Resistant to numerous cycles of sterilisation, 1040-M is suitable for consideration in a range of medical devices and surgical tools. This light-curable material cures in seconds on exposure to UV light, and contains no solvents, to deliver a faster, safer assembly process.

Dymax MD 1040-M is a durable material designed to be autoclave-resistant for more than 100 cycles, is described as offering excellent protection against STERRAD plasma sterilisation, and to be resistant to traditional sterilisation options like ethylene oxide, E-beam, or gamma. It offers low water absorption (0.5%). It meets the requirements for ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity, and is formulated without IBOA (a known skin irritant).

The material is recommended in applications including the bonding and protection of radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips and sensors on surgical and dental tools, housing assemblies, and single- or multiple-use medical devices. The use of RFID chips can provide real-time location information on surgical equipment and endoscopes for managing and auditing these devices. Dymax 1040-M can be used for the protection of medical sensors, and the encapsulation and potting of electronic components. There are further applications in medical scopes and dental equipment.

“The introduction of a light-curable material that can be autoclaved represents a big step forward for medical product manufacturers,” said Ben Swanson, sales manager of Intertronics. “Rather than using a two-part epoxy, which can take a long time to cure and requires mixing, manufacturers have access to almost instant processing. This delivers productivity and lower costs.”

1040-M bonds a variety of substrates including aluminium, stainless steel, glass, PP, PE and printed circuit boards. The single-component material cures with broad spectrum UV light, and is also optimised for 365nm LED curing.

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