14 October 2021
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Insight on the latest developments in fastening composites: Bossard Group white paper

Bossard’s white paper ‘Fastening solutions for composites and plastics’ introduces a selection of technologies and gives an overview of how each of the technologies can provide solutions to different application needs.

Fastening composite and plastic materials presents many challenges, all of which can be overcome by careful selection of the correct solution. There are many solutions, and this in itself presents another challenge.

For each of the fastening technologies within you can gain an introduction to the fastening concepts they offer, and an overview of the challenges they can help resolve. Across the presented technologies, you will find solutions for fastening:

  • Polymer matrix fibre reinforced laminate materials.
  • Unreinforced and fibre reinforced moulded polymer materials.
  • Sandwich materials of different constructions.

A comprehensive summary of bigHead fasteners solutions is featured as the first technology.

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