12 May 2014
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Hinge calculator tool gives load bearing capacity

A question frequently asked of the sales team at FDB Panel Fittings is regarding the load bearing capacity of a hinged door installation. This usually applies to the weight of equipment that may be installed on the door or to specification and selection of hinges to support an equipped door.

Some hinge manufacturers provide laboratory test data for a specific hinge, but this is often confined to limited pre-defined conditions. However, FDB Panel Fittings, together with sales partner Dirak, have now provided a Hinge Calculator Tool which may be accessed on the FDB website by clicking on a linked icon which appears on the company's home page.

Operation of the Hinge Calculator Tool is extremely simple – designers and specifiers need only enter the basic parameters, including hinge style such as
concealed or visible; weight and size of door and quantity per door, and the tool will provide up important information on load values and positioning, as well as finding exactly the right product for the application. Once the correct hinge combination has been selected, FDB will then be able to quote prices and delivery.

The latest information on the company's other products can be found on the FDB blog at www.panelfittings.co.uk

Paul Gay

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I want to find out how much weight my hinges can support

It is a piano style hinge, galvanised steel

127mm wide
3mm gauge
6mm pin
2100mm long

Ross Wickenden , 29/10/2019

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