19 May 2021
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Global fastener supplier chooses automated bolt inspection machine

A global fastener producer has chosen a HALO part inspection system, reports the supplier General Inspection.

The system uses a hang-by-the-head gravity track to feed parts through a comprehensive series of cameras plus eddy-current detector system. The machine incorporates what is said to be a simple single-point track adjustment, and that removes the need for complicated bowl feeder changeover, changing dial plates, or for moving conveyors, according to the supplier.

The standard HALO inspection system is equipped with four cameras with four backlights and two surface-illuminating front lights (one from the top and one from the bottom) for 360o profile measurements and 360o surface defect detection. A patented light sequence process generates eight images from four cameras. The front and backlighting technique detects dimensional and profile defects combined with front lighting to perform visual defect detection.

The system can be used for 360o dimensional inspection, 360o surface defect detection, crack detection, heat-treatment verification, recess measurement and defect detection.

Also, the top front light is utilized by the top view camera to detect cracks, broken punch, filled Torx recesses and presence of head markings. The addition of eddy-current detection offers the ability to detect heat treatment.

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