28 October 2019
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Faster and safer assembly

Commercial vehicle bodybuilders, suppliers and vehicle conversion specialists are increasingly turning to adhesive tapes in a range of applications to increase productivity and safety. To show why, tesa, has created a white paper – available via free download from the tesa website – on the application capabilities and successes of this solution.

Bodybuilders frequently face the challenge of bonding dissimilar materials. Commercial vehicle applications often require accurate, large-span connections and bonds between plywood or GRP panels, steel or alloy body frames and exterior rub strips. At present mechanical fasteners, such as screws, bolts or blind rivets, or the use of liquid adhesives, are the preferred fixing methods, yet these approaches come with significant labour intensity requirements. However, modern industrial adhesive tapes are not only quicker to use than traditional bonding methods, but provide high-performance, precision engineered solutions to even the most demanding bonding challenges.

tesa’s area sales manager, Arran Dickinson, said: “tesa has developed and validated solutions for tough commercial vehicle applications around the world. We have specialist engineers at our Application Solution Centres who spend time working with customers to identify the optimum combination of adhesives and tape materials to suit their products. By changing traditional manufacturing processes vehicle converters are safely increasing output.”

The whitepaper not only details how adhesive tapes can meet even the toughest bonding challenges, but goes on to illustrate the commercial benefits: with one major bodybuilder able to reduce trailer roof assembly from three hours to less than one, by replacing a liquid adhesive process with tesa ACXplus adhesive tape.

Tom Austin-Morgan

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