22 July 2021
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Elesa toggle clamps with extended lever solve a reach problem

New extended lever toggle clamps from Elesa provide a longer hold bar than other toggle clamps to fix items in position for working processes such as welding or machining, allowing them to be secured across larger components.

This extended lever allows the clamp arm to reach components in the middle of an assembly, while giving clearance to view a template or positioning indices so that operators can work more easily around the clamped component.

These new clamps enable an even hold for welding on control jigs, moulds, templates and workpieces supporting across the whole item which saves time in production and enhances safety, providing a quick, temporary and secure location during secondary operations.

Elesa toggle clamps feature safety release handles in vertical or horizontal configuration for optimum operator convenience to suit the layout of individual work stations. This ensures rapid manual operation. A pre-set safety (anti-release) lever prevents accidental opening in the presence of strong vibrations, and to ensure that the operator's fingers cannot be hit by the lever while opening.

Extended lever toggle clamps are available with a flanged (folded) base plate or with a straight (insert) base to suit the orientation required.

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