16 November 2021
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CovRez potting resin suitable for covering coving

Chemique Adhesives has launched CovRez, a range of two-component specialist polyurethane resins used in a variety of industries that demand a very hard and resilient final compound.

The cured compound forms a protection against impact and environmental hazards and is widely used to support post-formed coving sections, for example in the production of medical laboratory work surfaces where the resin forms an integral part of the upstand to resist impact damage, which in turn limits microbial growth.

The Covrez range is available in two different cure times. The fastest is 75 seconds. This rapid setting saves both time and labour during the application process.

Application of CovRez is simple, as the pourable resin can be manually applied via a twin cartridge or automatically metered through a portable gear pump dispensing unit that is available from Chemique Adhesives.

The non-foaming liquid is self-levelling and fast-setting to form a tough encapsulating resin that can fill even the smallest void and cures to a solid compound (Shore D of 80).

Designed for potting and encapsulation applications, CovRez is suitable for supporting integral post-formed coving sections in a simple and timely manner and eliminates the need for timber-based profile sections.

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