23 November 2021
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Budget toggle clamp range provides workpiece holding

WDS Components has released a range of durable and economical toggle clamps, expanding clamping flexibility at a lower price-point. Available in three formats, the designs provide flexible clamping options including use in space-constrained areas. The launch is said to enable customers to achieve durable and secure clamping previously achievable only with premium clamps.

The new clamp range offers a high holding force up to 227kg, making them suitable for a range heavy duty uses, as well as compact clamps for more intricate applications.

The new toggle clamps are a fast and secure way of holding workpieces for applications such as wood and metal work. Clamping via a pivot and lever mechanism, the devices work on an over-centre action, providing either a locked/closed or open position.

Six new toggle clamps with more economical price points join WDS’ existing range. Horizontal action toggle clamps provide a maximum holding force of 227kg with an overall lever length of 228mm, down to a compact 78mm-long lever that can clamp up to 27kg. As per all the new toggle clamps, they feature an adjustable spindle for flexibility and precision in clamping.

Toggle clamps with a vertical clamping action are available in two main styles. The standard version has a total height of 157mm and also provides the high holding force of 227kg. Meanwhile, a T-handle grip version has a compact height of 64.5mm and provides 50kg of clamping force.

WDS has also launched a new push/pull toggle clamp allowing the user to manually apply pressure to a horizontal or vertical workpiece. While many push/pull clamps require 180° rotation of the handle to achieve the lock position, the new clamps only need 90° movement and do not require surface edge installation. This enables them to be used in confined spaces and positioned with greater flexibility.

The clamps are durable and are constructed in mild steel with zinc plating for resistance to corrosion. The red handle is made from oil-resistant red vinyl for extra grip.

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