12 April 2021
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Beta Tools cabinets integrate Abloy CLIQ access control

Beta Tools has partnered with security supplier Abloy UK to create a quality solution with the aim of giving clients confidence when storing and managing their tools.

The complete Beta Tools cabinet range, including units with roller shutters and pull out draws, is now available with Abloy’s CLIQ locking system. A retrofit option is also available to all existing customers.

The UK subsidiary Beta Tools UK Ltd sought a solution for its customers that would use state of the art security technology to combine quick and convenient access to tools with increased user accountability.

CLIQ is an access control system that uses mechanical high-security disc cylinders alongside an encrypted electronic locking and identification system. As the CLIQ key provides power to the lock, it does not require batteries or cables, making it suitable for applications on mobile cabinets too.

CLIQ’s integrated OS platform details recent key use and the access granted. For example, audit trail reports can show the last person to have used the tool cabinet and their credentials, improving accountability and safety. Furthermore, this can prevent theft or misplaced tools, resulting in significant long-term financial savings.

In one instance, a well-known food brand purchased 13 Beta Tools units with CLIQ locks and estimated they had saved £13,000 in lost tools in just seven months.

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