08 December 2021
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Aluminium stud welding gun integrates plasma cleaning head

While use of aluminium brings many benefits to automotive manufacturing, it also brings challenges in stud welding. As aluminium sheets are treated with lubricant and processed in the press shop, surface inconsistencies appear, creating an unstable condition for aluminium welding.

In Tucker CleanJet TH539, the gas weld head has an attached cleaning device that spot-cleans the surface with plasma just prior to welding, leaving behind a prepared surface ready for welding.

Tucker CleanJet is based on a Tucker gas weld head with an additional plasma torch. In welding position, the Tucker CleanJet torch ejects to prepare for plasma cleaning. After a circa two-second cleaning period, the surface has been prepared ready for welding. The torch automatically retracts while the head moves to the front position for welding.

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