Vibration-proof fasteners are simply disassembled

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The SBS vibration-proof fastener system has been extensively tested and found to perform much better than common fastening solutions such as flat, spring or conical washers.

It has also been tested against established products specialising in high vibration applications and found to perform equally as well or better. Opting for the tamper resistant option makes the product unusual in offering both security against tampering as well as vibration resistance. "One of the great things I've found with demonstrating this product is the smile you get when people realise how simple yet effective this fastening system is," said Peter Keen, Engineering Division Sales Manager for International Engineering Co (IEC). "There are a lot of very good systems on the market and in terms of fastener security it would be naïve to say this system is better than any of the others. Often overlooked is whether the fastener needs to be undone within the life of the product and then how easy it is to do this. Adhesives do exactly what they say and form a secure joint that is very hard to break. Mechanical systems work on the principal of imparting a loading force into the bolt that counters its ability to release itself under load or vibration." The SBS system works on a pair of washers having wedge shaped ramps formed on its face which on assembly mate together. The underside of washer has a series of serrations that will achieve an extremely effective grip on the housing when the fastener is tightened down. To loosen the fastener, it is necessary to turn the bolt head or nut together with the washer, which using the SBS system can be done using a standard spanner or socket. This is where the system is different from its competition which use round washers and so are far more difficult to undo using standard tools.