The Home of the self locking nut

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D S Fasteners Ltd is a specialist stockist of self locking nuts; we pride ourselves in stocking the harder to find self locking nuts as well as the standards. Metric in fine pitch and Grades 8,10,12 Imperial (UNC/UNF/BSW/BSF) Nylocs,Stover, Castle, Flange nuts (Stover, plain, serrated) Philidas, Vargal, Half nuts, Dome nuts, Full Nuts, Weld nuts and American standards. Also now stocking serrated flange bolts.

We stock a wide range of self locking nuts in a variety of types. All metal self locking nuts to include the following. DIN 980 (The Stover and Cleveloc) in a vast range of sizes both small and large, in a variety of thread pitches and also up to Grade 12. Also in the ISO 7042 derivative Industrial and Turret nuts(Bent beam) both Phillidas and copies in a range of sizes and finishes. BIW and V3 nuts being a deformed full nut to achieve a thin and multiple of locking applications, stocked in A2 and A4 as well Nylon Insert nuts to DIN 985/982 ISO 7040 in a vast range of sizes M2 to M64 from stock. Fine pitch being our speciality, with a comprehensive stock in grade 10. We also have a selected range of DIN 985 in Grade 12 Another large stock item for us is in Flange nuts (Din 6923) both in serrated and plain format. Adding to this we also have self locking flange nuts, all metal (DIN 6927) and nylon insert (DIN 6926) again in fine pitch and grade 10. Other items in the stock range include Castle nuts (DIN 935/979/937) and also half nuts(DIN 936/439) We also offer our products in a range of finishes including Organic and on certain products A2 and A4 Stainless steel. The majority of our suppliers are European and are of very high quality and also short lead times, if we don't have the stock.