tesa develops state-of-the-art adhesive tape technologies for the automotive industry

Adhesive tapes have become a key technology in the automotive industry, as they continue to replace other fixing methods. In Europe, around 9 percent of the total adhesive production goes into automobile manufacturing and a car today contains between 12 and 18 kilograms of adhesive

Adhesive tapes are used under the bonnet, on the body and the interior and exterior trims of the car, where they offer a number of benefits over traditional joining technologies.

As exterior designs have become more similar from model to model, vehicle interiors have become more important in defining one from the next. Demands for high quality interiors, especially in relation to a vehicle’s acoustic characteristics, aesthetic appeal and functional performance, have become a major differentiator.

Whether for exterior, interior, permanent or temporary applications, tesa offers adhesive tape technologies tailored to the needs of the automotive industry.

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