Techsil launch RYOBI® Battery Powered Portable Hot Melt Glue Gun

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Techsil have launched the B-Tec 807 high performance industrial glue gun. The gun is battery powered, fully portable, easy to use and quick to charge via the RYOBI® battery platform. It takes the full range of tecbond® 12mm glue sticks and can be used for a variety of different applications including product assembly, polycarbonate and plastic bonding, box sealing, metal dent pulling and wood working.

The B-Tec 807 is a brand new industrial hot melt glue gun, innovatively battery powered and cable-free thanks to the technology from the RYOBI® battery platform.

Easy and comfortable to use, this robust 12mm glue gun warms up in just 3 minutes, includes a self regulating 195°C heater and offers an output rate of 1.9kg (4lbs) per hour providing both the power and durability to get the job done in most industrial applications.

The B-Tec 807 takes the full range of high performance tecbond® 12mm (½”) hot melt glue sticks allowing this tool to be used for a vast variety of different applications from cardboard box sealing, to dent pulling, wood working, product assembly and even polycarbonate and plastic bonding. Click Here to view Demo Video

Quick and Simple to Charge

The B-Tec 807 has been designed to use the widely available RYOBI® 18V 1.5Ah lithium+ consumer power tool battery system, which is also used to power over 50 RYOBI® portable power tools. This battery, along with its charger, can achieve recharge times of approx. 60 minutes. So it’s easy to keep your gun charged and ready to go. Plus, the battery includes an on-board 4-stage fuel gauge to indicate how much charge is remaining, making it even easier to know when you need a top-up.

Various Pack Options

The B-Tec 807 can be purchased as a full kit, including one RYOBI® 18V 1.5Ah lithium+ battery and charger set in a robust plastic carrying case designed to fit the kit perfectly. However, if you are already a fan of the RYOBI® power tool range the B-Tec 807 Gun is available to order separately. View Pricing and Technical Data