Staytite Smart Racks & Vending Machines

1 min read

Ensuring that you have all consumables, C-class parts, fasteners, and other needed items easily available to your operatives can often be an essential part of production. But how do you administer that efficiently, without it consistently requiring your attention?

Staytite recommends using its cloud-connected smart racks and vending machines to provide your needed selection of typically used shop floor and administration products including fasteners, C-class parts, PPE, tapes, glues, aerosols, stationery, IT accessories and other essential items…

Smart racks and vending machines can be placed close to the point of use to allow individuals to acquire items without the need of a formal order process which can be inefficient, taking valuable time and resource. Because Staytite monitors usage for you, and refills to pre-agreed levels, you need never worry about running out of parts again.

But you still need to account for these items… Through its cloud access, smart racking offers customers live views of its stock holding and usage reports, as well as being able to create alerts for items which have depleted. Staytite’s vending solutions facilitate ease of use and accountability by recording all usage for you. When an individual vends an item, this generates a ‘sale’ that will be consolidated into a detailed and itemised report provided to the customer on a pre-agreed or monthly basis, taking the headache out of the whole process.

Staytite is now offering live demonstrations of its cloud connected smart rack and vending machines at its headquarters in High Wycombe. Call 01494 462322 to arrange a visit. Alternatively, you can email