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The new ONSERT® from Bollhoff allows either an internal or external threaded stud to be permanently and securely affixed to panels and other smooth surfaces. The product has been developed through a partnership with German adhesives experts DELO and has opened up a raft of new design possibilities.

A key area of benefit is in applications where the need for lightweight materials is combined with a requirement for a threaded fastener. Typically the Onsert will be used to attach additional items to carbon, composite or plastic panels, or to provide a means of securing the panels themselves to an existing structure.

However, the use of Onserts is not restricted simply to panels or plastics and composites: because they can also be used with metals, aluminium and alloys, there are clear advantages over brazing or welding when studs are required. They have also proved useful for applications where items are required to be mounted onto glass panels too.

Onsert uses a DELO light-activated adhesive and is bonded to the host surface with adhesives which can reach full cure and provide a permanent bond in less than 5 seconds – check out the detailed Onsert information by using the link below!