See The Light - With UV Light Curing Adhesives From Eurobond Adhesives Ltd.

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Vitralit® is a range of transparent and optically clear ultra violet light and visible light curing adhesives supplied by Eurobond Adhesives Ltd based in Sittingbourne, Kent. UV adhesives are ideally suited for bonding substrates in a wide variety of application including, medical device manufacture, fibre optic bonding/splicing, electronic applications, manufacture of glass or acrylic display cases, point of sale item, decorative artworks and much more. The Vitralit® range can bond many materials including clear acrylic, PVC, polycarbonate PETG, glass, aluminium and stainless steel combinations.

UV and visible light curing adhesives have many benefits, particularly over other traditional adhesives including solvent weld adhesives. The two main benefits of course are their clarity and 'cure on demand' capabilities. Using UV light to cure adhesives in seconds gives the operator 'complete control' and 'quality control' over the whole operation. There is no time wasting, no waste products, no emissions or harmful residues unlike using solvent weld based adhesives. Simply apply the Vitralit® UV adhesive to the substrate, then apply a high power UV hand lamp to effect a cure in just seconds. If you make a mistake or misalign two acrylic substrates prior to curing simply wipe away the adhesive and start again. No mess no fuss! Eurobond Adhesives technical team have a wealth of expertise in many diverse applications using UV adhesives and UV curing lamp systems. Call us now to discuss how we can help you with your specific project or application. Eurobond Adhesives Ltd. Tel. 01795 427888 Fax. 01795 479685 Email Web