norelem secures safety with mandrel collets range

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Designed to hold workpieces in a precise, locked position, norelem’s range of mandrel collets offer support for engineers when working on turning, milling, polishing, tooth cutting and measurement workpieces.

The mandrels are tightened with a clamping nut or clamping screw as the diameter of the clamping collar is always concentric to the clamping diameter, ensuring a high level of precision guaranteed in all applications.

norelem’s range of mandrels with side clamps are said to be particularly suited to the secondary processing and rework of turned and milled pieces with blind holes. These mandrels are made of mild steel due to its weldability and machinability, providing engineers with flexibility when it comes to reshaping components.

This range has mandrels both for drilling holes right through and for blind holes with side clamping, in 11 different sizes, from 4.1 to 175 millimetres. Depending on the size and model, norelem mandrels can achieve tightening forces of up to 44.5 kilonewtons. Since almost every workpiece has a drill hole, the clamping equipment can be used easily and universally across multiple industries and applications.

Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem, said: “Guaranteeing workpieces are secure and in place is vital to avoid workplace injuries - holding machine parts in place will also provide improved accuracy and precision when machining.”