Nobody wants to pay more than they have to for a product; but choosing a cheaper option can end up being very expensive indeed - in more ways than one!

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When this parcel company got a great quote to have their street lockers manufactured I wonder how much they thought about the locks being used on the doors. This type of locker relies heavily on electronic latches to allow parcels to be dropped off securely and be picked up later by customers. There are quite few makers of electronic latching systems out there to choose from and many products look quite similar to casual inspection. However the quality can and does vary enormously, as this story clearly demonstrates.

The robbery took place in Dublin last month. Every door had been forced open and the contents cleared out. Whilst customers will be remunerated for their losses, this is obviously a distressing and inconvenient event for them and a disastrous one for the parcel company.

You will see from the image that the lockers were broken into quite easily as witnessed by the lack of damage to the doors. A stronger latch would have put up far more resistance and the time taken and noise created would quite likely have deterred the thieves from continuing their activities.

Southco R4-EM latches use robust construction from top quality materials, gear motor technology and advanced electronics which combined make for far more secure enclosures.

Look here at a video of a test attack on a similar locker unit protected with a comparable Southco latch.

One can always cut corners and save money - but how much value can you put on your business and reputation?

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