New three-window measuring technology for Process Monitoring Tools from GESIPA®

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GESIPA®’s process control tooling for setting blind rivets , rivet nuts and rivet nut studs is now advanced with new three-window measuring technology that helps operators monitor the setting process at three evaluation windows.

GESIPA® TAURUS C and FireFox C WinTech, the pneumatic hydraulic blind riveting, rivet nut and nut stud setting tools, help operators monitor the setting process on production lines. Now offering a three-window measuring technology, the user, when employing these tools, can define three evaluation windows by means of special software.

This is used alongside the integrated electronics, which consists of stroke and force sensors. The setting process can not only be monitored by means of a coloured LED on the tool, but also recorded and processed via the data line, which allows the user to analyse the data whenever required. This gives the operator the confidence to not having to visually check every blind rivet or rivet nut set. Due to its capabilities of checking and documenting of the setting process, TAURUS C and FireFox C WinTech can be highly beneficial in setting blind rivets, rivet nuts and nut studs in the serial production of safety critical components, as well as in automated setting processes.

Using TAURUS C and FireFox C as a setting tool provides users with high process safety, documentation of each individual setting process, less scrap, as errors can be immediately identified, an option to implement into the customer's own PLC system used alongside the GESIPA interface and, finally, it takes the onus away from the operator.