New tesa® ACXplus range of double-sided tapes adds low surface energy material bonding capability to manufacturing processes

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tesa’s ACXplus range, which introduced the concept of viscoelasticity to constructive bonding applications, has extended the capability of its highest performing product group with the introduction of tesa® ACXplus 709x LSE Performer tapes, available in four thicknesses.

The viscoelastic technology on which the range is based, characterised by its delivery of high bonding power between dissimilar materials, with the ability for stress dissipation and good performance even in challenging conditions, has been extended into a range of applications where customers working with LSE substrates such as polypropylene and polyethylene and other hard to bond plastics will find that no adhesion promoters are needed to achieve a lasting bond. In addition an initial bond is achievable at temperatures down to zero °C.

For manufacturers and converters, the tesa® ACXplus 709x LSE Performer range delivers the time, cost, performance and aesthetic benefits of double-sided tape bonding in new areas of activity, including cold production environments across day/night working shifts and where unheated premises are impossible to avoid. The performance of the range is further enhanced by the use of an innovative functional adhesive layer.

As a major secondary benefit users will also find that the tapes help to promote a healthier production environment.The benefits to the workplace of adhesive tape application as an alternative to welding or mechanical fixings are well documented, offering a cleaner, simpler solution without the need for highly skilled operators or specialist training.Eliminating the need for any kind of adhesion promoter on most applications is a further contribution to the creation of a healthy working environment.Furthermore, where substrates such as PMMA which are commonly used but are not compatible with an adhesion promoter, the new tesa range offers a solution.

Typical applications for tesa® ACXplus 709x LSE Performer double-sided foamed acrylic tape include mounting of reinforcement bars, for example in lifts; hard to bond plastics such as PE and PP; signage and point-of-sale; electrical cabinets and decorative plastics.

Deep black in colour, with impressive test results for peel strength and shear strength, dynamic tensile and dynamic cleavage tests, the latest addition to the tesa ACXplus range offers a broader group of users all the benefits of high quality adhesive tape in manufacturing processes.