New Potting Epoxy Cures Fast at Low Oven Temperatures

1 min read

Techsil introduces a newly developed potting adhesive Structalit® 8801T, which cures rapidly at low oven temperatures. This innovative epoxy adhesive was specially formulated for temperature-sensitive applications in electronics; and its resistance against oils and fuels makes it particularly suited for automotive and aerospace applications.

Structalit® 8801T is an all-purpose beige-coloured single-component epoxy adhesive developed by Techsil’s partner Panacol. It is ideal for potting electronic components particularly when they are temperature sensitive. Its excellent chemical resistance against oils and fuels also makes it the perfect choice for bonding applications in the automotive and aerospace industry. Structalit® 8801T has been successfully used where strong resistance to hot kerosene and brake fluids was needed.

Structalit® 8801T cures very quickly at low oven temperatures; at 100°C this adhesive will fully cure in only a few minutes. In addition induction curing processes can be used to cure Structalit® 8801T on ferromagnetic substances.

Due to its shear thinning properties Structalit® 8801T offers improved flow control and the ability for precise dispensing on components’ surfaces. This adhesive develops high bond strength on ceramics, metals and many plastics.

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