New jettable conductive adhesive hits UK market

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Panacol’s UK distributor Techsil has launched a new jettable conductive adhesive to the UK market.

Jet dispense compatibility and snap cure are said to make these conductive adhesives an ideal choice for high-speed production of wearable electronics.

Manufacturer Panacol recently expanded its Elecolit product range. Thanks to new, innovative filling materials and optimised hardener systems, several newly developed adhesives with improved conductivity are now available. For maximum processing speed, these adhesives can be applied by jetting.

Until recently, the curing of conductive adhesives was a slow process. Thanks to new optimised hardener systems, conductive adhesives can be now cured within a few minutes: several one-part Elecolit conductive adhesives have been modified for snap-curing ability.

Chris Dilley, sales director at Techsil, said: “The big area at the moment is wearable electronics. Conductive adhesives are used for bonding electronic components onto flexible substrates that ordinary solder would melt.

“I see a future where electronics are part of our clothes and wearable diagnostic technology will become ubiquitous. For example, someone with diabetes might look at their shirt cuff and an electronic sensor will measure insulin levels and remind the reader to take it; or an electronic badge incorporated to your overalls that will flash, if you go into a gaseous area and are at risk of falling unconscious.”

The new Elecolit silver-filled adhesives are both electrically and thermally conductive, and available in a range of viscosities to accommodate various applications and requirements. As the conductivity is strongly dependent on the content of conductive filler, Panacol uses uniquely shaped filling materials to achieve an optimal fill ratio. This ensures high conductivity and consistent product performance.