New cyanoacrylate adhesive for maintenance and repair

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Adhesives supplier Intertronics announces Born2Bond Repair, a gap-filling two-part ‘instant’ adhesive and repair product, which is said to offer excellent adhesion to a very broad range of materials and surfaces.

The material combines the strength of an epoxy adhesive with the speed of an instant cyanoacrylate (CA). Born2Bond Repair has high bond strength, offers gap fill, cures hard and sandable, and is significantly faster than alternative products.

Born2Bond Repair offers a rapid curing time of under ten minutes, with a fixture time of 60 seconds, advantageous qualities for a repair adhesive/filler, according to Intertronics.

The material is suitable for filling large gaps, with minimal volumetric shrinkage, half that of competitive CA products, claims the supplier.

Born2Bond Repair has a gel consistency that enables precision in any process, while the static mixing nozzle ensures uniform and precise dispensing. It is non sagging, making it suitable for vertical applications.

“Born2Bond Repair can be very useful for maintenance and repair jobs that need to be conducted quickly,” explained Ben Swanson, sales manager of Intertronics. “It can be machined, drilled, sanded and painted minutes after application. This can be beneficial to aftermarket applications like side mirrors, bumpers and spoiler aprons, as well as wood repair and reconstruction, rubber door bonding and automotive joint bonding.”

Born2Bond Repair is supplied in a syringe cartridge with static mixing nozzle in 10g and 50g sizes. The 10g size is suitable for manual application and comes with a plunger, whereas the 50g size can be used with a dispensing gun for manual application or can be integrated into automation.